Tourist attractions in Bali that you must visit

For those of you who are planning a holiday in Bali, Arts, Tourism has prepared a list of attractions in Bali that must be visited. For travel guide in Bali, you can see through map of bali.

Approximately what travel in Bali? Come, see recommendation  attractions in Bali following interesting and famous.

Echo Beach

Echo Beach is located on the cliff, but the beaches are sand ramps. The beach is right next door to Canggu Beach. While the coastline is equal to Kuta and Legian. Tourist attractions in Seminyak Bali is very well preserved beauty and cleanliness.

Echo Beach is perfect for those who were making love or newlyweds because the atmosphere is quiet, peaceful, and quiet. Privacy really awake because of the tourists was apparently not too many who come to this location.

Those who come here usually spend the day with activities such as swimming or surfing while waiting and enjoy the beautiful sunset in the evening when the sun preparing to return to dusk.

Seminyak beach

Seminyak beach is also often called Dhyanapura beach, a beautiful beach in Bali which has soft sand and ramps. Here tourists do not have to worry about accommodation in this beautiful beach area there are many restaurants, hotels and villas that you can make a choice.

Lots of exciting things and activities you can do while visiting tourist destinations in Seminyak’s beach. As a beach which has panoramic beauty of the sun sank pretty, Seminyak also invited a lot of travelers in the evening will be ahead.

On the coastline of Seminyak, it appears a row of umbrellas that are provided specifically for tourists (guests) hotels in the surrounding areas. When the night will be ahead, Seminyak Sunset presents beautiful scenery. The location and address of the tourist attractions in Bali’s famous Seminyak Village is located in the district. Kuta district. Badung, Bali.

Kendra Gallery

Kendra Gallery is one of the resorts in Seminyak Bali that showcase a variety of unique art gallery. This attraction is suitable visited by art lovers. When in Seminyak, not hurt you stop by here to discover the works alive on the screen that will make you like mingling with the creator of the works of art displayed.

Here art space devoted to promoting contemporary art by Indonesian and international artists, on a mission to encourage dialogue through the presentation of various cultures from around the world. Kendra Gallery is a fitting place to escape the bustle of Seminyak Bali. The location and its address is located in Jalan Drupadi 88B, Seminyak.